A lasting gift

Yesterday Vanessa Corral shared the photos of our “You’re In Luck GNO” casino party.  It brought me so much joy and laughter to peruse through them, seeing all the circles of women who gathered that night, to let go of the stresses of their everyday lives and invest in each other.  The unique set up, with the semi-circle casino tables, seemed to bring everyone together, even more than usual.

The game of blackjack brought out their sisterly competition and with it, truckloads of laughter. 

While the theme was definitely learning blackjack and betting with funny money, the real magic was happening in the connections and conversations around each table.  It’s the power of women gathering.  “It inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful, in a word, more alive.” (Alice Waters)

When gathering in the right environment friendships flourish, almost effortlessly. 

The friendships that our hearts so desperately long for in these busy years of our lives.  This is one of my favorite pictures of the night, because it represents something I didn’t ever plan for when I was dreaming up the concept of this Girls Night Out;  nurturing the multi-generational relationships between mothers and daughters and their friends.  It’s become somewhat of a regular thing for women who’ve previously joined us for a GNO to come back with their mothers, in this case their daughters, to leverage the quality time and space GNO creates.  They come to make memories and gather moments.

They leave with a treasure far greater than anything they could win at the blackjack tables.  

Cheryl (mother on the left) invited Morgen (daughter in the middle) and they laughed the night away like they’ve been bestie’s for years.  No doubt, they have.  Cheryl is obviously a role model of the power of self care and investing in friendships.

That’s a gift that will live on for generations to come.

When women invest in themselves through the self care of relationships that nourish their souls, everyone around them benefits.

Nurturing your soul with love and connection is not selfish. 

It’s generous.

It’s modeling healthy, empowered living for the ones who are watching you to learn how to live. 

It’s filling you with the love you need to love others well.

Gather with your people. 

It’s a lasting gift.

to more love,


p.s.  “Gather ‘Round GNO” is one week from tonight!  Tickets are still available, but only through Tuesday (5 more days!) so if you’re ready to give that lasting gift of gathering with your people, better do it today!

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