Grown-up Sisterhood

You might have seen on social media that I got to spend a little time with these two ladies last week, over at AR Workshop Frisco.  From the moment I walked in, it was peaceful, bright, and open.  They were working their tails off with multiple projects going on and I was bringing them an entire trunk load of wood, that I scavenged for our centerpieces.  Lindsay was trying to wrap things up to get out of town on a deadline, and Leah was assembling 128 lazy susans!  Yet, they were both completely at peace.  Not even a hint of stress in the air.

That workshop really is their happy place, and now I know why.

It’s the aesthetic, of course; the crisp white tables, darling blue chandeliers, cozy chunky knit blankets, and bright colors, luring you to explore every corner.  But it’s something more.  It’s the kindness in their voices.  It’s not a sappy sweet, seemingly fake “niceness”, but a true kindness.  Laughter flows easy there.  It’s a hustle that doesn’t really feel like “hustle”, it feels more like flow.

Because this is a place women show up for each other.  

They’re obviously not expecting perfection.  They’re expecting the experience to be messy, and they’re prepared for that, you even get to wear a darling apron.  They’re expecting creativity and exploration on the journey.  It’s not a straight path that matters.  The only thing that matters in that space is support on the journey of whatever you choose to create.  When you walk in that door you can rest assured that someone has your back.

It’s like this space is a home for grown-up sisterhood that’s safe and strong.  

Remember that feeling, when you were a kid, and you embraced the feeling of not-knowing? When you’d sit down with crayons and a blank page to draw a picture, it wasn’t about getting it right, it was simply about the joy of creating it.  Especially with siblings or friends at preschool, before you started comparing your coloring to others.  You’d merely share the crayons, and maybe offer color suggestions.  But you weren’t worried that you wouldn’t figure it out in time.  You were at peace with knowing that this is just how it goes.

That’s what grown up sisterhood looks like.

The only difference is that you get to choose your sisters now.   And you get to choose how you show up for yourself, and for girlfriends. Stop expecting perfection.  Expect the journey to be messy, be prepared for that.  Stop looking for the straight, easy path.  What matters is supporting one anothers process of creativity and discovery.

Grown-up sisterhood is resting assured that someone has your back. 

Be that someone for your sisters today.

Let them be that someone for you too.

to more love,


p.s. Space for Thursday night’s GNO with these beautiful grown-up sisters is touch and go at this point.  We’ve crossed the threshold, and then sifted out a few extra seats.  If tickets are still available, you’ll find them here.  I hope you plan to join us.  It’s sure to be a very special night.

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