Will you stand with Love?

Refugee child sleeping MAGNUS WENNMANFor months now, my heart has been breaking for the refugees.  At a loss for what to do, I’ve carried on with my life, crying and praying that someone would come up with a plan to help them.  One day in November, the ache in my heart was so strong, I sat sobbing uncontrollably at my desk.  Having no ideas, just a broken heart, I wrote in my journal:

“What will we do about the refugees?”  

Last week my precious friend Angela called with an idea to provide Christmas gifts to the refugees who have been relocated here.  She wasn’t concerned with perfect.  Her idea was to help the ones she could and she jumped into action.  She did something.

Then on Sunday night, I started seeing posts from Glennon Melton, Brené Brown, and Elizabeth Gilbert on social media saying, “We are The Compassion Collective.  We stand with Love.  Will you stand with us?” I had no idea what they were talking about and there was no link to click, no explanation.  Finally yesterday, I went back to investigate and it flooded my heart with so much hope and joy.

These women, along with a few others, put their beautiful minds together to come up with a plan.  They created a plan to help the refugees, that includes ALL of us.  Here’s what they have to say:

We have a plan. You are a part of it.

Today’s refugee crisis is the worst humanitarian emergency the world has seen since World War II. Just as the Greatest Generation’s response to the holocaust defined them, so will our response define us.

We want to be remembered as the generation that chose Love over Fear.

As you read this, thousands are fleeing terror and war – forced from their homes into tiny boats with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the children in their arms. They will cross the sea, walk for days, holding tight to their families and their hope for safety and a future.

This moment in time is asking us a critical question. How will we respond? Let us answer: with compassion.

Compassion will guide us. Compassion is humanity’s North Star. It will always guide us out of the dark, back toward peace, hope and each other.

Today’s Questions:

Should starving women be fed?
Should homeless babies be sheltered?
Should freezing men be warmed?
Should drowning children be saved?

If your heart says YES: Join us.

Join us in a circle of humanity standing shoulder to shoulder, together saying:

In a fearful world, I stand with love.


Our symbol is the compass. We vow to let compassion guide us, one step at a time.

In a fearful world, I stand with love.  I have a feeling you do too.

If your heart has been breaking for the refugees, but you’ve been at a loss for what you can do, this is the plan that includes you.

Our goal is to raise one million dollars to feed, clothe, shelter, and save our refugee brothers and sisters. . . max gifts of $25 at a time . . .in 2 days.

I believe with all my heart we can do that.  Today is day #2 and I turn the question to you.

In a fearful world, will you stand with Love?

Join us here.

We are The Compassion Collective.  Together, we stand with love.

to more of this beautiful love,


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