Caught red-handed

Caught red handed ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStoriesAfter nine short years of ownership, we’re saying goodbye to my beloved car.  She’s not beloved for any special reason, except she’s been such a good one, she’s been paid off for so long, and she was mine.

Over the weekend, we were test-driving a tiny little electric car and it was really quite fun.  It’s fast and quiet.  It turns on a dime.  It’s a totally different experience than any other car we’ve had and we were loving it.

We took it to a little reunion get-together with our friends from our trip last month.  We ate amazing food, laughed, cracked jokes, and tried some new dance moves.  And of course, everyone got a little peak at the tiny electric car as we discussed the pro’s and cons.

It was a much-needed time of community for all of us.  

Afterward, Scott made a quick run to the grocery store while I got the kids ready for bed.  As I was switching over the laundry, Scott was calling my phone.  Oakley answered it on speaker and all I could hear was laughter.  He said, “You tp’d the car!!

I laughed right back telling him I did not.

A few seconds later, the phone rang again to more laughter, as we learned it was our friends.  Our friends who just lost a loved one and had a memorial service to attend the next morning.  They stopped at CVS for some TP, scoped out the car in the Kroger parking lot and rolled it right there in front of all the shoppers, while their three kiddos watched from the car.   They were caught re-handed, bringing joy to our lives for no special reason at all.

I want to be that kind of friend more often.

Sometimes I want to drop the schedule, (that I cling to for some sense of control) forget about everything that has to be done, and pick up a roll of toilet paper instead.  I want to be the friend that leaves a love note, with a laugh.  I want to be the one that isn’t so serious and stressed all the time.   And I want to do it in front of my kids.

I want to be caught red-handed loving like that. 

I know life is stressful.  Believe me, I do.  I know by the time you get to the end of the day, it feels like you have nothing left to give.  I know that, AND I want to challenge you today, sometime today, to find a way to make someone laugh.

Give someone a reason to smile.  

Do it even though you’re tired.  Even though you’d rather pass.  Even though it feels awkward.  Just try it.  It’s amazing what a little laughter will do for a relationship.

Get caught red-handed bringing some joy back today.

You can do it.  I know you can.

You’ll be glad you did.

to more love,


*special thanks to Kory and Jennifer Knott for the inspiration and the friendship!


  1. Ok, that does it! I’m moving to your town!

    1. Fantastic! I had no idea I could persuade you that easily. I’m waiting. . . 😉

    2. Yes. If it’s that easy, come on down!

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