What sisters are for

What sisters are for ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

I realize it’s not Thursday.  This is my #throwbackWednesday pic.  I’ve never been one who follows the rules or social norms very well, even when I try.

But today I’m not trying.

This pic is at the beach in Mexico, where we spent a week every summer growing up.  I love it because it shows our different personalities and ages so well.  (Especially how apparently annoyed and disgusted I was to have to stop playing to take another picture!) I love it because it reminds me that these three women have been in my life since day one.

They are my sisters.

They have loved me through perms, mullets, lots of ugly hats, skin-toned pantyhose, high collars and low waisted bell bottoms.  They’ve stood beside me through terrible talent show attempts and beauty pageant debacles.  We’ve shared clothes, bedrooms, cars, college dorm rooms, giant coke floats, portable toilets in vans on road trips,. . . and a green motor home.  We’ve laughed until we literally peed our pants and then started all over again.

They’ve always been there.

They were there racing go karts through mud in the rain, growing gardens, exploring and playing Dolly Parton with water balloons.  They were there right beside me when I said, “I do”.  They were there when, as newly weds, we experienced unimaginable loss.  They were there when my babies made their entrance into this world.  They were there through my flight attendant days, real estate investments, sales jobs, and HeartStories.  They’ve been there, believing and loving me every step of the way.

I’ve had the privilege of being there with them too. 

I was there when boyfriends were crazy. I was there when pageants were actually won.  (I might have been there to push one sister through a glass shower door!) I was there when vows were whispered with tear-stained eyes. I was there when babies, churches and business were born. I was there when marriages were rocky, and when they were healed.

We’ve been together. 

We’ve rushed to hospitals in the middle of the night.  We’ve been together for last breaths and funerals.  We’ve learned to say Goodbye.  We’ve held hands to pray, through broken hallelujahs.  We’ve traveled the country to see each other and listened on cell phones without any words to say.   We’ve danced in cars and on tables.

We’ve ridden river rapids and hot stinky buses.  

We’ve spoken truth and sat together in silence.  We’ve prayed, laughed and cried.  We’ve kept promises and had each other’s backs.  We’ve believed in dreams and never given up.

We are sisters and this. . . this thing called life, is what we do, together.

So as I reflect and plan for tomorrow’s Girl’s Night Out in Frisco, this is my framework.  This is what I know and what I love.

This is what I want to create more of.

Because we are all sisters and this thing called life?

This is what we should do, together.

Don’t you think?

to more love,


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