Trust what’s deeper

Trust what's deeper ~ Crystal Gornto | heartstories

While we were on vacation, I took so many pictures of rock formations.  I’m not usually a photographer of anything other than people.  But these rocks. . . against that blue water.

They are stunning.

Their deep, black color.  Their rough jagged edges.  The quiet coves between them.  The pure mass of them.  There was just something so alluring that I couldn’t help taking pictures.

They were each so unique.

There were random flat spots for sitting or paths for stepping to the top.   Even though the edges were rough, they created safety.  Each rock created a barrier against the crashing waves for the next.  And the waterways between them were a safe haven for swimming, exploring and relaxing out of the surf.

As I looked through the pictures, I noticed something I didn’t see before.  

As strong and independent as each of the rocks was, none of them were alone.  They might have been separated by small channels of water, but never by very far.  They were always close together.  And my guess?

They were deeply connected underneath.  

If you looked below the cool turquoise water, buried under the soft white sand, I bet you would find more black rock.  Sometimes all we can see are the rough, jagged edges or the beautiful blue water, but there’s always so much more going on below the surface.

That’s what matters more than any of it.  

That’s what creates all the safety, all the strength, and all the beauty for the rocks. . . and for us, it’s what enables our strength to emerge.

It’s what makes us who we are and who we are meant to be.   

So if you’re feeling a little rough and jagged.  If you’re feeling different and alone.  Please remember today that you can’t always see what matters from the surface.

Trust what’s deeper.  

Stay connected to your heart.  Stay connected to the people who love and support you. Continue to grow.

You are unique and stunning.

We need you to be who you are.

Don’t worry about what’s emerging on the surface.  Because you never know, that quiet cove your jagged edge is protecting, might be just exactly the safe haven someone needs today.

to more love,


P.S. Sometimes all we see are the rough jagged edges of other people’s stories.  Our Girl’s Night Out is a fun way to go deeper and see the strength underneath.  Come join us.

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