HeartStories GNO August 4th, 2016 ~ Girl’s Night Out in Frisco

August 4, 2016 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM The Emerson at Frisco Market Center, 4800 Printers Way, Frisco, TX 75033

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You’re working your tail off to be the most amazing mother, wife, friend and contributor to this world you possibly can. And sometimes you feel discouraged when you can’t keep all those plates spinning as fast as you’d like.

Girl, it’s stressful.

On top of that, as much as you’d love to get time with your girlfriends and feel like you’re investing something in yourself, who has the time (or energy) to plan & coordinate a night out?

It’s easy for women like us to chalk it up to being a season of life we just have to endure. Like putting your dreams and desires on the back burner is just part of the deal at this stage in the game.

But you know you’re meant for more.

We don’t believe you’re meant to simply endure any season of your life! And we won’t sit back and watch so many beautiful, smart, talented women continue to isolate themselves from very the relationships that have the power to give them the most strength. We see too many incredibly talented women leading lives of quiet desperation, going to the grave with their song still in them, all because they believe there’s not another way.

It’s time to bring more fun and meaningful connection back to this season of our lives.

It’s entirely possible to live our crazy-busy lives with purpose and a lot more joy. But it all hinges on connection. We have to get reconnected to ourselves and each other and have fun doing it!

That’s why we created a fresh new spin on a Girl’s Night Out.

It’s not a typical GNO that will leave you feeling bad the next morning. And it’s not a networking event filled with surface conversations. It’s an experience where you’ll feel surrounded by friends, with huge hearts, who are passionate about figuring out what they’re meant to do in this world, and supporting each other in making it happen!

Just like any great girl’s night, we’ll enjoy laughter, wine and hors d’oeuvres, but you’ll wake up the next morning refreshed, with more clarity, feeling more connected, and inspired to be more intentional about becoming the woman you know you’re meant to be, with a tribe of women who want to help you get there.

more joy.

more connection.

more purpose.

more fun.

Today, you can draw a line in the sand to say, It’s time for me.

OR you can keep telling yourself, It’s a season, until you look back and realize. . .

It was your life.

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August 8th HeartStories GNO


Special Guests:


Jillian Ryan, Marie Mae, HeartStories GNO HeadShot

Hello! I’m Jillian, founder and CEO of Marie Mae Company.  I was born and raised here in Dallas with my two sisters. I recently moved back, with my crazy labradoodle Maggie, after 10 years of working as an international business consultant in DC.  I founded Marie Mae Company to help companies grow by doing good through our consulting services, our product line, and the MM Business School.  I am super passionate about the power of good business to make an impact around the world.  Things are currently insane with building a business that focuses on doing good in the world, but I’m loving (mostly) every minute of it. 

Kim Jones, Dallas, My Refuge House, HeartStories GNO HeadShot

Hi, I’m Kim.  I am wife to a fabulous professor/pastor type, mother to three wild and lovely kids, and have a huge passion for my role as the Director of Engagement for My Refuge House, an aftercare home for girls rescued from sex trafficking in Cebu, Philippines. Which means I spend my time as an MRH corespondent to partners and churches.

My role in the fight to end modern day slavery and to combat the sexual exploitation of women and children began 8 years ago.  Before joining MRH, I was a teacher in DISD,  working with at-risk students in the inner-city.  Since leaving teaching, I’ve devoted myself to raising my kids and using gifts and passions to develop women through mentoring, speaking at seminars and retreats, and teaching in my church’s women’s ministry.

Crystal Gornto, HeartStories GNO HeadshotHey Girl, I’m Crystal.  I’m the one just crazy enough to believe, that in the busy ever-changing seasons of your life, I can encourage you and connect you with other women, in a way that will help you replace the negative stories that hold you back.  So you can show up boldly, to live the story only you can live.  With more joy, more connection, more purpose, and a whole lot more fun!  I’m a wife and mother of two boys.  I know what it’s like to rush through life on autopilot, losing touch with close friends and the truth about yourself in little pieces along the way.  I won’t sit back and watch beautiful, smart, talented women like you, isolate yourself from very the relationships that have the power to give you the most strength.

I’m determined to create fun, innovative ways for women to be all we’re meant to be and enjoy the journey together, despite our hectic lives.   This HeartStories GNO is one of those ways.  I can’t wait to hug your neck!

Come join us.

You’ll be glad you did.

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Come join us.

You’ll be glad you did.

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The Girl's Night Out you won't regret the next day, Frisco, TX April 22, 2016