What it looks like when you’re paying attention

blind guy Starwars Rogue One

As you can imagine, we went to the opening of Star Wars: Rogue One over the weekend.   (No spoiler alert here.)  I have a new favorite character from this movie and I don’t even know his name.  I don’t think he had a name at all.

But he made me cry, of course.  

I was captured by his keen sense of knowing everything going on around him.  He didn’t need to see, because he could feel.  Just from looking at him, you’d think he was just sitting there, maybe even asleep.  That was the furthest thing from the truth.  He was in tune with his spirit.  He was always wide awake.

He was paying attention.

As a result, he sensed, fear, danger, sadness, and even joy, before others had any idea what was going on.  He knew when he was needed and his decisions to step in to help were clear and decisive.  They weren’t clouded by the myriad of details sight can bring.

He only needed to trust his heart.

You know, how you do when you close your eyes to remember a moment in time?  When you can see, feel, smell or even taste something that’s a long gone memory?  Or when you’re hugging someone goodbye and you close your eyes to take in the moment?  When you breathe in deeply through your nose and pay attention to all your senses in hopes to capture that special moment in time.

That’s how he was paying attention.

I’ve thought about this guy a lot since then.  What if each of us could go through a little bit of life without sight, even just a few days?  What would we notice? What would we sense about others, that we’re missing with our eyes?  What would we notice in them, if we could only hear their words? What would we feel if we could only touch their hands?

That’s what it looks like when you’re paying attention.  

How would your life change if you were paying that kind of attention?

What if you were paying so much attention that you didn’t even need your eyes to see?

Just like this guy, I’m guessing you’d show up more courageously to do things you feel called in your heart to do.

That’s the kind of world I want to live in. 

What about you?

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