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The sound of little boys sorting laundry coming from the kitchen is an unusual and interesting sound.   At first it was only the mumble of “we really have to do this”.   Then it became, “Okay you turn them inside out, I will sort them.  Black. . . blue. . . white. . .  dirty underpants. . . big ‘ole piece of terd. . .  *laughter erupts*. . . oh this stinks!  . . . Mom!   . . . he’s throwing wet underpants on my head!  MOM!!” 

And just like that, the joys of Christmas break began.  

Yesterday was our first full day out of school for Christmas break.  It was a reminder that it’s the time of year when mamas everywhere take on the extra serving of guilt. It’s the guilt comes along with having our babies in our care 24-7, while we’re frantically trying to wrap up everything from gifts,  housekeeping, company entertaining to end of year projects.  I have to constantly remind myself that they will be okay if I don’t spend every waking moment with them.  Even though I really want to.

They will be okay, and I will be okay.  

I’ll squeeze just as much joy and laughter into the moments we spend together as I possibly can.  I’ll apologize, even more often than I usually do, when I lose my temper or get impatient.  I’ll ask them to apologize too.  I will put my phone down for long periods of time. . . even though it beckons me to pick it back up.  I will show them that people can be even more fun than screens.  (with the exception of all the great Christmas movies, obviously 😉 )

We won’t do it perfectly.

There is no such thing.  But I’ll be open, intentional, and present with my family more often than what comes easy.   I’ll get to know them a little better and love them a little more.  I’ll remind myself, as often as I need to, that they are big boys now and autonomy is good.   They need some time without me and I need some time without them.  That’s my gift to all of us this Christmas Break.

Maybe you need to give that gift too.  

Be intentional about easing up on the guilt.  Invest in them, yes.  Make memories, absolutely!  Put the screen down. . . you can do this!  But take some time to do the things you need to get done.  Take a nap with your ear plugs and eye mask.  Wrap presents with coffee and nice music. . . during the day.  Take care of you too.

It’s your gift.

To all of us.

to more love,



  1. Needed to read this TODAY!

    1. So glad you found it today then Liz! Hugs Sister!

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