The water test


One of our HeartStories sisters had a little party last night.  It was a bit of a Holiday party, a GNO and a housewarming all wrapped into one.  My friend Jennifer and I arrived after the first tour of the house was complete.  So we decided to take a little tour of our own.

Which turned out perfectly fine, until we got to the hot tub.  

Now you might think that a sober person, in stilettos, in 40 degree weather, would probably avoid putting a toe in the water.  And I bet usually, you’d be right.  But the pool was so pretty.  It was such an interesting design.  I just wanted to know if there was water all the way around the hot tub or if was just three layers of concrete edge.  Because it liked like it was just concrete.  I mean, really.  Look at that third layer.  

Do you see water there? 

(I mean besides the trail of water over the edge.)  Well, let me just go ahead and assure you.  There is water there.  And it’s pretty deep.  And very cold.

And wet.  

Thankfully, I was only planning to put a tip toe down there, because after my entire stiletto was submerged, I let out a loud shriek and yanked that foot out of the water without falling completely in.  We both laughed so hard, tears were streaming down our faces and I almost peed my pants.  All the while I stomped and shook, doing anything I could to get the water to dry off, even just a little.  Because next?  The walk of shame.

I had to return to the party with one wet shoe.  (and I was very thankful that was all)

Needless to say, that unexpected jolt was quite a shock to my system.  I was awake, alert, and very humble, to say the least.   It was almost as if, until that moment, I was in a bit of a haze.  I didn’t even realize it, but I was just going through the motions.  Talking, smiling, and having a good time.

But after the water test, we had a great time.

The laughter roared, and we connected even more deeply.

I wonder if sometimes we all just need to do a little water test.  Maybe you need to be curious enough to tip a toe down to find the bottom.  And if your stiletto ends up submerged in cold water. . . well, maybe that’s just exactly what you need.   Maybe a little shock and laughter would revive your tired, busy, going through the motions heart.  

Laughter is quite literally, good medicine.  

Look for some amid the crazy this weekend.

to more love,


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