What are you looking for?

Thursday night was a bit of a riot.  I don’t know if it was a sugar rush from the cookies and icing or what, but I literally had to steal a whistle (that resembled a tiny red recorder) from Ginger in order to rally the troops.  Laughter filled the air at GNO from every corner of the room.

But this table was one of my favorites. 

They win the prize for being the rowdiest table of the bunch.  They were laughing loud and enacting all sorts of shenanigans.  But that’s not why they were one of my favorites.  It because only two of these ladies knew each other before they walked in and that’s typically not the case.  Most women who attend our girls nights come with at least one friend.

It takes guts to walk into that room full of laughing women all by yourself. 

But these ladies did it.  Some were expecting to meet up with friends who didn’t show. Others braved the whole thing solo.  It was pure joy to watch the evening unfold as they became allies and “sisters”.

You get what you’re willing to put in.  

We can create the most beautiful room.  We can provide the most incredible food.  We can share the most inspiring stories and initiate the liveliest of activities.  But it’s up to each women to get what she came for.  Whether that is peace and respite from the chaos of her life, stronger connection with her girlfriends, or a new skill from the workshop portion, it doesn’t really matter.

You’ll only get as much you’re willing to put in.

Each of these ladies showed up and put themselves out there.  I don’t know what they came for, but I know they left feeling lighter, more supported and more loved.  Because I could see it.  And because they told me so!

It’s true in all of life.  

I don’t know what you woke up feeling today, but l do know that whatever lies before you, your course today is completely up to you.  In order to get what you’re looking for out of this life, you have to be willing to give.

You’ll only get as much as you’re willing to put in.  

Looking for reconciliation?  Be willing to apologize.

Looking for encouragement?  Be willing to speak life to someone else.

Looking for friendship?  Be willing to reach out beyond your comfort zone.

It’s the magic of how you are designed.  

What are you looking for out of this day?

Be willing to go first. 

to more love,



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