She lived to love

As I was saying goodnight to Noah last night, I said, “Tomorrow is Grandma Vetter’s Birthday.”  He said, “I know.” When I questioned how he knew, he said, “I get all your reminders on my iPad.”  (Oh the joys of not letting your kids have their own devices and accounts!) 

I laughed and said, “I still miss her.”

Then we pulled up old photos of Grandma on my phone.  And tears proceeded to roll, uncontrollably down my cheeks.  Noah gave me a big hug and kissed me on the forehead saying, “I’m so sorry Mama.”  I told them they were happy tears because I loved her so much as we reminisced on the life of a woman who lived to love.

Nothing brought Grandma more joy than to love people.

Especially her family.  There are, it seems, a million memories of Grandma in my mind, but what I remember most is that she was always smiling, kissing, hugging, or loving on someone.  If she wasn’t doing that, she was fervently praying for them.  And even in her prayers, she was asking forgiveness for not loving others as well as she should.

That kind of love changes people.  

I know it changed me.  It helped form me and still guides me to this day.  I want to live to love like that.  I want my legacy to be smiling, kissing, hugging, loving and praying.  That’s living.  That’s what we leave behind.

All the rest won’t matter much. 

As you go throughout your day today, celebrate Grandma Vetter with me will you?  Give an extra smile, kiss or hug to the ones you love.  Say a few extra prayers for them and for forgiveness for yourself.  She’ll be watching. . . and smiling down at us, like always.

Happy Birthday Grandma. 

Thank you for showing us the way, to live to love.

to more love,


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