The symphony of ordinary

It’s event day.  Around here, that means my self-induced level of activity (and stress) is elevated.  No matter how much I plan to have everything done in advance, in order to spend this day in a peaceful, relaxing state, if I’m honest, that’s not usually how it goes.  I’m very aware of this as the day approaches.  So I work harder, and pedal faster, during “event week”, with the hope of cruising into that room, without my hair on fire, or the smell of singed rubber emitting from my tires.

Knowing that I’ll be out on Thursday night, makes me want more time with my family that week. 

As a result, a couple of nights this week, I’ve let the boys stay up a little later, just so we could get a little more time together.  On Tuesday, we even played an 8pm ping-pong tournament.  I did not win.  Afterward, when it was time to jump straight into bed, this one wanted me to listen to his beautiful rendition of “Ode to Joy” on his school-issued recorder one more time. . . and video it too!  Of course, that happened.

Because how do you say no to that?   

As I sat there on his floor, listening and filming, I noticed how present I became.  All the other thoughts that were racing through my mind disappeared.  I chose him.  I saw him.  I heard him.  I found so much joy and delight in seeing the payoff of all of his practice.  (To be clear, I haven’t been finding quite as much delight in the 24-7 practicing of the recorder at all hours of the day and night.)

But in that moment, his practice was a symphony of joy, and delight for my mama heart.

Joy because I’m grateful.  Delight because I adore him.  A symphony because I made space to be present, give him my attention, and listen.

“Joy comes to us in the ordinary moments we risk missing out on when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.”  ~ Brené Brown.

Guilty as charged.  I’m constantly chasing the extraordinary.  This wisdom-bomb quote by Brené was exactly the punch in the gut I needed. No doubt, I will still be found in stubborn pursuit of the extraordinary.  But I don’t want to miss the joy in the ordinary. Even though I know I’ll fail at it often, I want to catch all the symphonies!

Don’t you? 

Be present today in the ordinary moments.

And listen for the symphony. 

(As I type those last words, the sound of his “symphony” is literally filling the kitchen.  I wish you could here it.)

Go listen to your own.  

to more love,


(Tonight at March Made Simple GNO, we’ll be talking all about this idea of letting go of the things that don’t matter, to make space for the moments that do.   It’s not too late to join us.)

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