Something will grow

“Something will grow from all you are going though.

And it will be you.”

When I saw this quote yesterday, I instantly did a double take.   Those 14 words pack a giant punch.  When life is moving at record pace and you’re just trying to keep all the plates spinning, it’s easy to forget that the final destination isn’t really the ultimate goal.  There are so many story lines in my own life, and in my circles, I could tell you right now about how this plays out, but I’ll choose just one.

The one that’s closest to my heart today.

It’s not entirely mine to tell, so bear with me as I navigate that tenderly.  This week, Oaks finished a grueling seven-month-long mental and physical training program.  It’s been by far the hardest thing he’s done in his short little life.  It has required hours of intense work during the week, after his full days at school.  It’s been nightly exercises and dietary changes.  He’s persisted through many tears and days of wanting to quit.

But he didn’t. 

Yesterday we held a huge day of family celebration for the enormous milestone he achieved by completing the program. I couldn’t help but share, not about the end result of the program and how he’s achieved his goals, but about who he became in the process.

He was constantly pushed beyond his limits.  

He was asked to do more than his little body, mind and emotions could endure.   There were countless moments he wanted to quit.  He couldn’t see that there was any way all of this work would ever be worth it.  There were days he didn’t think he could finish.  But he did and you know what that taught him?

He’s a kid who can do hard things.  

And that?  That is more valuable than anything else that program taught him.  As he grows into a young man, he’ll have the inner knowing when things get hard, that he’s been there before and he made it through.  He can do it again.  So when I saw that quote yesterday, it just enveloped my heart for you.

Something will grow from all that you’re going through.  

In the end, what you get to celebrate may or may not be the thing you’re working so hard to achieve.

It will for sure be the person you’ve become on the journey.

Don’t give up right in the middle.

Growth is hard, but you are worth it.  

to more love,


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