We needed more

We needed more ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories


There was a season in my life a few years back, that I craved connection with my girlfriends so badly.  My boys were young.  I was working full time.  I was tired and I felt lonely.  So I organized a monthly girl’s night.  I’d pick a venue, send the invitation, make the reservations and follow-up.  We’d all show up, laugh, dance and have a great time.  And then . . .

It fizzled. 

We got the fun part right!  Great food, great friends, laughter, and shenanigans, that was the easy part. But we often stayed out a little too late and simply having fun with friends ended up not being on the top of my priority list.  I let a few months slip because I was too busy and viola! it was gone.  When I think about why it didn’t work, there are several reasons that come to mind, but this is the main one:

We needed more.

We didn’t need to get together more often.  We needed more depth, more connection.  Inevitably there was small talk, over loud music, that left us wanting to know more, to connect more, but the environment wasn’t right so we’d promise to follow-up on a coffee date.  And we rarely did.

We needed the break.  We needed the laughter and the acting silly, but it wasn’t enough.  We needed more of the connection, support, and healing that true friendships bring to go right along with all the fun.

The great news?

These past few years I’ve learned a lot about what friendships between women need and what that can look like.  Healthy friendships lead to a healthier, happier life, especially for women.   It’s true!  And it’s what HeartStories has been about since day one:

Connecting women to support each other in living out the stories of who they are meant to be.   

So tell me what that looks like for you.  What do you need more of in your friendships?

What’s the perfect scenario for connecting with women who love and support you?

What percentage fun?

What percentage depth?

What percentage growth?

We’ve got a fresh idea coming, just around the corner, but I want to hear what you need.

When you think of friendship, support and connection, what are you looking for? 

I’m dying to know.

It’s all to more love!



  1. I’m catching up on your blog, can you tell ;-). I love this. God put the two of us together as we were on that same journey of looking for a true connection in friendship. So thankful for you, friend!!!

    1. Yes, I can tell. 😉 Absolutely agree friend. Love you!

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