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Even if you’re not a church-goer I would imagine, somewhere along the way, you’ve probably heard the story of a small Israelite boy named David defeating a Philistine giant named Goliath.   I grew up (almost literally) inside a church.  I thought I knew this story like the back of my hand, but our pastor Andy retold it yesterday with a slant that really hit home for me.

I’m guessing it might resonate with you too. 

In the battle scene, the Philistines and the Israelites are at an impasse in battle.  They’re situated along either ridge of a deep valley and neither will enter the valley to attack the other for fear of being exposed in the valley and losing the fight.  So the Philistines send Goliath, a giant, decked out in his battle gear to the valley to taunt the Israelites, asking them to send their mightiest warrior to fight him man to man – winner takes all.

As you can imagine, there aren’t many volunteers.  

There is, however, this one courageous shepherd boy, with his sling shot, who volunteers to fight.  While the leaders of the Israelite army were trying to come up with a battle plan, stalling and cowering, David grabs his sling and steps off the slope to fight.  I’ve got a feeling he was a little afraid.

It could have been devastating.

Sure, he was well-trained with that sling, he’d been using it to kill wild animals and protect his flock.  But I’m betting this was his first time facing a giant.   He could have been pummeled, but instead he trusted in his God and had the courage to fight.

The thing is, David knew something had to be done.  Someone had to step up.  So he did.

He nailed that giant in the head with his first shot, leading to the Israelites conquering the Philistine army.  

In a fabulous TED talk, Malcolm Gladwell poses the idea that Goliath likely had a form of giantism called acromegaly that caused him to either have double vision or be profoundly nearsighted.  Turns out, he was bigger, stronger, better trained as a warrior in battle, but David was a tiny kid with a sling shot and Goliath never saw that stone coming.  

Gladwell concludes: “Giant’s are never as strong and powerful as they seem.

What are the giants in your life that make you cower?

What’s that thing you’ve been thinking about, reading about, planning for, but really afraid to do?  Maybe it’s time you step off the ledge.

What’s more?

That slingshot you have?  It just might be the perfect weapon to fight your giant.

There’s only one way to find out.

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