We are sisters first

The Mother 'Hood Official Video - Similac

Did you see this parody video from Similac when it came out last year?  Oh my goodness, it was pretty funny and it made such a great point.

It was for their “The Sisterhood of Motherhood” campaign.  They wanted “to encourage parents to come together and focus on shared goals, not differences.”  It’s a playground show-down between parents with firm, but differing stances on how to best raise their babies.  One sudden moment of tragedy causes them all to drop their agendas and brings them together as humans, as parents.

No matter what our beliefs, we are parents first.”

Why is it that sometimes it seems to take a tragedy to soften our hearts and help us see the humanity in one another?  I’ve seen it in my marriage.  Scott and I can be in a tiff, super frustrated with each other, but it something happens to one of the kids, suddenly we are realigned in the common goal of care-taking.

We are family first.  

It’s the same with the boys.  They can be chasing each other around in an angry fury, but if one of them trips and hurts himself, the chase immediately stops and they help one another.

They are brothers first.

It’s happening with the election process.  Our firm beliefs and stands on either side so distinctly divide us.  But watch us during a national tragedy.  We unite as one country.

We are Americans first. 

It certainly happens with women, in a lot of places besides the playground.  We have so many stigmas, cliques, and expectations of each other.  We draw lines, pick sides and make judgments.  It hurts us, both from the inside and the outside.

I wonder what would happen if we didn’t wait for a tragedy to unite us.   What if we started caring more for each other now?  Right now, today?

Take a second to think of that woman you feel so much judgement toward.  It’s easy, isn’t it?  (It is for me.  I wish it wasn’t, but it is.)

What if you found a way to see her and care for her, in her humanness today?

No matter what our beliefs, we are sisters first

to more love,


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