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Mix Friends ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

An interesting theme has been weaving itself through my life the last few months.  I’ve been introducing a lot of friends to another lately.  And I’ve found it’s true, what they say, when you introduce your friends, the world gets smaller.

But it’s really so much more than that.

I remember as a kid, I had church friends and school friends and they rarely mixed.  They certainly never became friends with one another. They were always two very distinct groups of friends.

What’s interesting, is that as an adult, I absolutely love mixing my friends.

I’ve always been a connector, introducing friends for a career connection, a neighbor connection or school connection.  But, this year in particular, I’ve found myself introducing friends, just for fun.   We’ve served together, gone on a trip together, had time on my couch together and group texted together… a lot. 😉

They’ve met up without me.

Sometimes as women, we worry that we might lose a friend if they end up becoming closer with another friend than us.  But, it’s been exactly the opposite for me.  Introducing my friends brings me closer to all of them.  I feel more supported, more loved and more connected than ever before.

They do too.

I love seeing the deep connections they make.  There’s a bond of trust that comes with the history of a common friendship that speeds up the friendship-building process.  It’s been beautiful to watch them jump in to pray for each other, grocery shop for each other and introduce their kids.

It’s life-giving to everyone involved.  

My world keeps getting smaller, and I love it!  Connecting friends is my new jam.  So just watch out sister, I want your world to get smaller too!

What could happen if you introduce some of your friends this week?  What if you invite two friends, who don’t know each other, for coffee together?  Or just start a random text stream with two friends you love, to introduce them and tell them what you appreciate about each of them?  What if, instead of stopping with a name introduction at a chance meeting, you intentionally go further to explain what you value in each friend and how that fits with the other.

Sure, it’s harder.

It takes more time and more intention.  But it’s worth it.  You’re friends with these people because you have things in common.  Makes sense that they could be friends too.   Think about it.

You never know how your generosity might change a life.

It might change the world.  

Go mix ’em up sister!

to more love,


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