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My unexpected theme for the day seems to be “rest”.   I thought I would get all techie last night and try the new ‘bedtime’ function on my iPhone.  It seemed pretty self-explanatory.  I set my wake up time, it told me the bedtime that would give me the right amount of sleep.  I clicked “on” and the little alarm icon showed up on the top right.  I double checked, 5:30 AM.

The sun in the window woke me up at 7 o’clock.  

Perfect way to start the day, right?  Both boys were still asleep, so the morning rush began.  It began only to discover that Oakley’s little visit to the school nurse was warranted yesterday.  He had a fever and felt terrible.

Poor baby.

I got him in some warmer clothes, carried him downstairs and gave him Tylenol.  I got Noah off to school, ran by Kroger for Gatorade and made an appointment with the pediatrician.  I set Oaks up on the couch with his liquids.  Now, here I sit, to write to you before taking him to the doctor and then getting started with my to-do list to finalize our Girl’s Night Out details for tomorrow night!

My morning?  Shot.

But I know there is always a gift in it.  Some of the gifts in my unexpected morning are, more rest than usual, more time with Oakley and the mindset of letting go of anything I can’t get to.  Narrowing down on the most important things… and moving on.

Unexpected peace.

In the middle of events that would normally be making me want to pull my hair out, I am calmer, more at peace than I was yesterday.  Even with my giant to-do list.  I feel at peace.

Sometimes it just takes that little surrender to the knowing that there’s no possible way to get it all done.  

It’s only there, you can step back and sift out what’s most important.  Which of course, begins with faith, self-care, and family.  Once those are cared for, it’s so much easier to order the other priorities in your day.

So if you’re looking for some unexpected peace today, try letting go.

Take a few minutes to re-center in your faith.  Do one little something to care for yourself. . . even if it’s just stretching, breathing deeply or stopping to drink a whole bottle of water.   Then check in with your family.

Let the storm rage on.

You can rest in peace right in the center.  

to more love,


P.S.  If you need a little guidance on taking care of yourself this month, consider joining us tomorrow night.   We’re going to talk fun tips for getting Holiday Ready on the outside, but you’ll also discover ways to prepare your heart and mind for the peace you’ll need on the inside!  You can learn more right here.

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