The sound of home


Gravel rocks line the alley behind my house.  In order for me to make the turn straight into my driveway to fit in my side of the garage, I have to swing left into the gravel rocks a bit.  Why in the world am I sharing this?

It’s the sound of home.

It doesn’t matter if I’m pulling into the driveway to start my workday after dropping the kids off at school, or pulling into the driveway after school to get started on homework.   It doesn’t matter if we’ve been on vacation or shopping at the grocery store.  It doesn’t matter if it’s been a long, hard day or the best day ever.

When the tires hit the gravel, I know I am home.

When I hear that sound and feel the rumble, I get a visual of being out on a long country road, turning in the drive of the warm old house with the light burning.  I guess that’s partly because I absolutely love spending time at ranches, or camps or any place where the roads aren’t paved.

That’s where I feel most at home.

It’s the reminder of the familiar comfort of turning in to your stomping ground. It might not be perfect, but at least you know what happens there. You already know how it’s going to feel.

You know it’s just beyond the gravel.  

Gravel isn’t always comfortable to ride on, smooth paved roads are made for comfort. But growth doesn’t happen on the smooth paved roads. It happens in the gravel.  After a long day at work, or a long Holiday with family, sometimes you just need to make a wide swing turn into the gravel to be reminded you’re almost home.

Joy often only surfaces after you’ve hit the gravel.

It’s like the little buffer on the side of the road to alert you when you serve out of your lane.  It keeps you awake, it keeps you alive and reminds us which way to go.

There’s often discomfort before meaningful growth or connection. 

Let the rough gravel road remind you. . . you’re getting really close to home.

to more love,


P.S.  I’ve heard the first time women sign up to join us at one of our GNO‘s can be a little bit like a gravel road.  It can be uncomfortable and scary to take that step, not knowing what, exactly is around the bend.   If that’s you, let this post be a reminder that the gravel road might just be the sound that leads you home.

I hope you’ll try it and join us Thursday.

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