Being afraid, or not, is your choice.


I love watching Christmas movies.  So Oakley being home sick and resting yesterday was kind of a treat for us both.  It was the perfect excuse to pop on one of my personal favorites to let him watch while I worked.

Rise of The Guardians

It’s a must see for this time of year, at least for me.  It’s the story of a little boy named Jamie who is struggling to still believe in  Santa, mostly because all his friends are making fun of him, telling him Santa is not real.  He comes to understand that Santa only exists if he chooses to believe.   And that understanding turns into a much bigger realization about life in general.

What he chooses to believe, changes everything.

Throughout the movie, Jamie decides to believe in Santa, Jack Frost, the Sandman, The Easter Bunny. . . and even the Boogie Man.  It turns out, that even the scary boogie man can only scare him if Jamie decides to let him.  I was sitting here at my computer when I overheard this on incredible scene; Jack has collected all his friends, who previously didn’t believe, and they’re all involved in an epic showdown between “The Guardians” and the Boogie Man.  I stopped, in mid-thought to scribble down Jamie’s words.

“I know who you are.  I’m just not afraid of you anymore. “

That one line is so profound.  It’s such a huge moment when Jamie comes to understand the difference between the facts, and his beliefs about them.  Just like he chose to believe in Santa, he chose not to be afraid of the Boogie Man.  His belief turned into his strength.  And it gave all the neighborhood kids, who had mocked him for believing, the strength to believe too.

You have that choice also.

Your struggle to believe probably doesn’t have much to do with Santa, or the Boogie Man, but I bet there is something going on in your life that is scary, incredibly difficult or unknown.  While those facts are probably true, you still get to decide what you believe about them.  Just because something seems scary, doesn’t mean you have to be afraid.

Being afraid, or not, is your choice.  

If you turn your belief into your strength, it will give others around you the strength to believe too.

Trust me on this one.  😉

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