This night will never happen again

Last week, in the middle of the lingering move-in crazy, I noticed my friend Karen’s (in the middle) customer appreciation event on my calendar.  I’d been buried in boxes and hardly left the house in a week.   All my clothes were still in trash bags (they still are!).  and for one moment, I thought I might not find it in me to go.  But that moment was fleeting because I had no intention of going to the party to be “appreciated”.

I put Karen’s party on my calendar to show her how much I appreciate her.  

To show up for her.  To let her know that I see her.  I see all the hard work she does behind the scenes.  I see this beautiful thing she has created in the world.  I recognize the way she seeks to serve her clients beyond their expectations.  There was no question.

I was going.

When I arrived, the band was playing and the party was hopping.  As soon as I walked in the door, I met Keisha (on the left).  Her vibe was obviously super real and fun, with the the warmest smile and the kindest countenance.  We chatted it up and became instant friends while Karen was ringing up another customer.  By the end of the night, we were all circled around the counter laughing hysterically about the craziest, most random connections that always make the world feel so small.  We dropped the masks and got down to real life in a hurry.

It was a moment that will never happen again.

Sure, we will see each other again.  We will laugh again and share stories again.  But Keisha and I are friends now, we won’t ever meet for the first time again.  Karen and I have a new story, that connects to a really old one, together.  We won’t ever discover that connection for the first time again.  That night was different from all others, and will never happen again.

We’re forever changed because of small, seemingly insignificant choices we made that night.  

It’s a woman’s natural inclination to gather people together.  When we do, the connections we make bring courage, power, and clarity to us, both collectively and individually.  It’s those moments of human to human connection, that are the most meaningful moments in life.  I’m reminded, as we head into another fun and connection-filled GNO gathering tonight, that this night will never happen again.

It will be different from all others. 

For me, for you, for all of us.

Whether you’re joining us tonight, gathering with your family around the dinner table, or heading out to meet friends, think hard about that. 

This night will never happen again.

to more love,


(We are just a couple of seats away from max capacity for tonight, so if you’re considering joining us, better make it snappy!)

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