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I’m so grateful someone captured this shot from Thursday night’s GNO, because it makes that “stage” look so Pinteresty perfect.  The darling furniture from UP Inspired Kitchen and the knockout blooms from Blue Posy Floral Design might lead you to believe a professional spent hours building the stage all this gorgeousness would sit atop.  Oh how I wish I had a “behind the scenes” picture as comparison.

It was anything but Pintersty perfect.  

It started with measuring the height of the back booth at UP, then scouring the internet for something, anything that might possibly be exactly the same height.  Lowes to the rescue with their darling steel plant stands!  Hey, while I’m here, I bet they have some sort of wood we could use to lay on top.   Of course they did.  This engineered wood siding panel would make a perfectly strong, durable stage for the night.  So I climbed on top of the stack and shimmied it down, all the way to my flatbed cart full of plant stands.

I rolled up to the contractor’s lane, like a boss.  

While I was checking out with my giant piece of wood, the guy behind me asked if I needed help getting that in my truck. (I don’t drive a truck)  I think I’m good.  Thanks though.

Are you sure?” 

Pretty sure.  I bet Lowes has some kind folks who can help me out. 

“Well I’ll wait around to make sure you get it alright.”

Thanks guy.  By the time I pulled the jeep up to the drive-through, there were two guys from Lowes standing there with my new friend.  All three had puzzled looks on their faces.  When I got out and walked around back.

The Lowe’s guys: “Are you sure this is going to fit?” 

Trust me, I have a vision for this. 

My new “friend” offered to drive it for me in his truck.

I’ve got this.  

I took off the back plastic window and showed them where to put the plant stands.  I explained how we were going to raise it up, slide it in at a tilt, leave the back 3 feet hanging out over the top of the spare tire, and swing the tail gait shut.  Presto!  It worked.  (I was not shocked)

My new friend: “Never underestimate the power of a determined woman.” 

Bye now.   Thanks for your help. 

I drove off, sweating like a pig, but mission: accomplished.  When I rolled into UP with that giant piece of wood and some metal plant stands to hold it, there were those who questioned my sanity.  I asked them to trust me and help me get it put together.  They did, and it held us UP beautifully.  

It was like becoming a stage is exactly what that piece of wood was always meant to become! 

Here’s the deal:

In this life, there will be times you’ll have a vision, a goal or a dream, that no one else sees, yet.  They might see all the reasons it won’t work.  They might worry you’re going to hurt yourself.  They might not want to go with you.  The work might be too hard.  It might be too scary and unknown.  They might think you’ve gone completely nuts.

It doesn’t matter what they think. 

Dream anyway.  Do the work you’re called to do anyway.  When it’s time, the others will either be able to see what you saw, and you’ll all enjoy it together.

Or they aren’t your people. 

And that’s okay.  Your people are out there.  They see what you see.  They will show up and stick with you.

In the meantime . . . keep going.  

We’re counting on you to bring your dream to life.

to more love,


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