This is me

I’ve always known I was different.  There have been times I’ve tried harder than others to fit in, but it really was of no use.  I’ve always been a little bit rowdier than the rest.

I’ve never been accused of being a rule follower.  

Chasing baby frogs and crawdads in the creek with my sister Kim.  Go cart racing with friends wearing giant sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sloshing mud flying.  Enacting stoplight fire drills by making my friends get out and run a circle around the car before the light changed.  Not shying away from a dare to tube naked across a quiet lake.  Sky diving with a friend on a moment’s notice.  A lot of people thought I was just an obnoxious kid who was always making a scene, but I’ve grown up to embrace that kid, especially in the last few years.  Because this is me.

The world doesn’t need more people to fit in.  

We were a little late to the party, but we finally saw “The Greatest Showman” over the weekend.  It was such a beautiful reminder that what the world needs is more people who are willing to show up and lead, even though they know they’re different.  In fact, what we need is more people who are willing to seek out what makes them different and lean into that.  We need people willing to lead in their families, work, friendships, small groups and wherever they are.

We need you to lead us with all the ways you’re different. 

Because all of those things are what make you so special and important.  The edges you’ve always tried to soften.  The personality traits you’ve learned to hold back.  The experiences, that shamed you when you were younger.  The parts you always thought were just broken because they were different.

The things you’ve believed were your downfall, they might be the very thing that makes you exactly who we need. 

This is me.

We want to see you.  

The real you.  The unique, quirky, different you.  Spend some time finding her again and let her shine!

Look out here you come!

to more love,


(This is exactly what we’re doing on Thursday at “Love it Out” GNO.  It’s a party to inspire love from the inside out.  We’re going to dig in to what makes you special and make space for you to love on and embrace that girl so you’ll be ready to “love it out” this month to all the people you love the most.  It’s not too late.  Join us.)


  1. I love that you are so transparent & real! I try to be that way as well. Some people look at me like I’m crazy & I don’t care! 😎 I really wish I could come on Thursday but I have bookclub the first Thursday of every month. Have a wonderful event! I loved the Jan. event. My vision board is awesome & was perfect for my mentoring program as well. Thank you, Wendy Kula 💗

    1. Thank you Wendy! We will miss you on Thursdays then! So glad your vision board is working out so well for you and your mentoring program! Perfect! XOXO! Crystal

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