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While Scott took the boys to get a haircut this weekend, I had some alone time to shower and get ready.  I quickly pulled up a podcast I’ve been wanting to hear and turned up the volume, loud.  It was a woman I’ve only recently been introduced to.  It was so full of wisdom that I pulled out my Expo marker and began to write notes all over my mirror.  (Everyone does that, right?)  Before I knew it, my giant mirror was covered in red cursive handwriting going in every which direction.  When my family returned, they responded with a little shock and a lot of side-eye, like I’d finally like gone and turned into the completely crazed scientist they fear I am.  Kidding. . . sort of.

Here’s the deal.

I left that red scribble all over my mirror, partly because I need to go take the notes down somewhere more practical, but mostly because just seeing those notes there is teaching me something.  The woman on that podcast has been leading circles of women for many more years than I.  She is full of wisdom that I want to glean about how to lead and support women.  Her gentle, nurturing presence is held by an undeniable strength that exudes with her every word.

She’s also vastly different from me. 

Her life experience, her beliefs, her practices ~ all so far from mine.  That red scribble is reminding me of something really important.  See, there are a lot of days as a writer, a mama, a wife, a friend, and an entrepreneur when it’s easy to compare myself to others.  There’s always someone who’s been doing it longer.  There’s always someone who is working harder, learning more and clearly doing it better than I am.  Even while I’m right in the middle of learning from amazing women, I catch myself allowing “the imposter” to sneak in.  I find myself thinking that I don’t have as much to offer and that as a result, I shouldn’t even try.

That is lie.  

That red scribble is revealing truth to me.  The truth that no one else was raised in my family with our beliefs and practices, had the friends I’ve had or the life experiences I’ve had.  No one else has read the books, gone to the events, taken the classes, or listened to the podcasts I’ve listened to.  No one else has my exact same heart to lead and connect women.  Everything new I learn is filtered through my experience and that allows me to send it back out in a way no one else can.   There’s no one else who can do what I’m doing.

It’s true of you too.

No one else has your life experience.  No one else grew up in your family.  No one else has read the books you’ve read.  No one else has listened to the podcasts you’ve listened to or attended the classes you’ve attend.  No one else filters all of those things through the lens of your experience.

Only you. 

On the days when you feel like everyone else is wiser, smarter, prettier, has more experience, or simply has more to offer, please think again. There’s not another single person who can offer us what you can.  Please don’t hold back.

There is no one else.

Only you.

to more love,


(It’s no coincidence this comes while I’m planning for and anticipating our time together at our “Love it Out” girls night this Thursday night.  This girl is on fire to pour this message into your heart.  There’s a seat for you.  Join us.)

image cred: Meggie Taylor Photography

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