Further than you think you can

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of leading the staff of Esperance Aesthetic Wellness through a team building activity.  Our session was focused on highlighting what makes each of them unique, how that uniqueness makes them invaluable to the team, and how they can use that understanding to approach communication both internally, with the team, and externally with customers.

It was a lively experience, to say the least. 

We talked, laughed, and shared stories.  We even worked through a few self-imposed stigmas that are the natural result of a lifetime of trying to “fit in”, in an effort to celebrate just how much they were each born to stand out.  Everyone left with new insight into the value they each bring to the team and how they can leverage their differences to elevate the brand, instead of trying to be more alike.

I’m not professionally trained in this subject, so I tend to downplay my passion around it.

I’ve just been reading loads on the subject, taking workshops, and practicing these ideas with friends and family.  But my sister Kim has been cheering me on since day one.  She’s my biggest fan when it comes to these types of sessions.  She sees my passion, my heart, and the joy it brings me when others have an “aha” moment as they finally begin to appreciate the things that make them different.

She pushes me to actually get out there and do it more.  

Doesn’t it seem ironic that even with my whole business built around this passion to help others uncover their unique gifts to the world, I need someone cheering me on in the same?  It may seem like it, but it’s actually not the least bit ironic.  It’s exactly the thing that drove me to create HeartStories.  Not one of us is an island.  We ALL need consistent community with the people who love us, see us for who we are and encourage us to live to our full potential.

You need your circle, your tribe. 

Find them.  Invest in them.  Believe in them.

You can’t do it alone.  

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.”  ~ Zig Ziglar

You might not have been born into a family with a sister. 

But that’s all just the past.  You’re a big girl now.  You get to choose your sisters.  So brave the awkward invitations and intentional conversations.

It’s worth it. 

You’re worth it. 

We need you to go further than you think you can. 

to more love,


P.S.  This is EXACTLY the focus of our Girls Night Out this Thursday.  Get your ticket to GNO and join us.  Your life will thank you later.

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