This edgy, creative mama is changing the world

Kim Jones, My Refuge House, HeartStories

I’m hoping my friends Kim and Chelsea don’t want to kill me right now for sharing their pic. It’s just that in searching for the “perfect” image to introduce you to Kim, I couldn’t get past this one.  I looked at all the beautifully edited and posed photos, but I just couldn’t find her story there.

Her story isn’t there. 

This is her story, right here.   She’s in Cebu, Philippines working for My Refuge House to bring home and real freedom to you girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking there.  That’s what she does for a living, but this photo also shows what she does for a life.

She loves people.

These ladies are some of her closest friends and her fellow sojourners in her life’s work.   These ladies couldn’t make this trip, or do this work, without laughter.  They are so real and have so much fun just being themselves while serving others generously.

It’s true beauty at it’s best.

Kim does this kind of dirty work for My Refuge House, but her real job is here in Texas where she is the Director of Engagement for MRH.  She’s in charge of sharing the incredible story of My Refuge House with people, like us, who are so far removed from the realities of that world.  When she was given that role, she wasn’t about to put on a stuffy fundraising dinner.  Nope.  She was dreaming of something more hip, more creative. . . more alive.

She hosted a runway show.

Because of Kim’s heart for these girls, Fashioned for Freedom was born in Dallas 2014.  In just two years, she’s created a New York style show drawing huge crowds to see the show from all across the spectrum in Dallas.  And while they’re there, she draws them into the heart and the mission of My Refuge House.

She’s changing lives through her love of fashion.  

Kim Jones, My Refuge House, HeartStories

Because that’s who she is.  She’s fun.  She’s edgy.  She’s creative.  So instead of sticking with the status quo, she’s going completely the other direction to create something unique and special to raise awareness for the girls of My Refuge House.

Who are each so unique and special. 

Kim is now in the throes of planning the third annual Fashioned For Freedom event, while navigating the thrills of family life at the same time.  I’m so excited that she’s joining us at our Girl’s Night Out (in ONE week!) next Thursday, to share her behind-the-scenes story.

If you’ve ever wanted to be involved in philanthropy, but didn’t feel like you were a “fit”, hers is a story you will not want to miss.   

Come join us!  (You can grab your ticket here and save $10 with code SISTER10)

Even if you can’t join us live, you should get to know Kim.  You can still follow her on Instagram and Twitter, she’s sure to encourage you, make you laugh and get you thinking outside the box.

Because YOU are unique and special.

You are different from everyone else out there.  You have gifts and passions that fit perfectly to make you exactly the right person for the people you are meant to serve in this world.  We need you to take another step toward living the story only you can live.

And this community exists to remind you all along that journey. . . that you are never alone.

We can do hard things, together.   

to more love,


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