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When it's time to move on ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

Does this thing look familiar? I wrote a blog about it last year and the surprises that might be around the bend if only you won’t give up.

Well she’s back.

In all her glory. (If we’re going to go on like this, she really needs a name)  Only this time, instead of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, she’s making her home at the lake, for a little family vacation.

Apparently, she has a lot to teach us.  😉

We arrived last night, and as I do, I like to get all the toys set up ASAP so we can spend our time together doing as much playing as possible.  So I  blew her up and four of us carried her down to the water.  Then she needed to be attached to the buoy that isn’t close to the dock.

So I started down the ladder. . .

Oh gosh, it’s been a while since my feet have touched the bottom of a lake.  It was gooshy.  My toes sank.  It didn’t help that the sun was setting and the water was dark.  I couldn’t even see my body below the surface much less see what was gooshing between my toes.  (Oh!  That’s the reason I was supposed to bring water shoes!)

Suddenly I felt a little afraid.

I started laughing, but it was a nervous laugh.  My family started laughing with me because I don’t usually “nervous laugh”.  So I decided not walk.  From that point on, it was swim or die.

So I swam.  

I attached the cabana.  Then dad jumped in to join me.  We laughed together and splashed around for a little while before all the kids came running down, wanting to join us.  With the sinking sun and the dark lake water, we made the call that the first family swim time would have to wait until morning.

As I climbed the ladder back up the dock, I breathed a secret sigh of relief.  

I was glad to be getting out of the dark water to stand on solid ground.  I was thankful I could sleep on that experience and face the goosh again in the light of day this morning.

Some things that seem scary in the dark, look entirely different in the light.  

It’s true for you too.  Whatever you’re going through today.  The things that are hanging in the balance. The answers you just don’t have yet. . . just hold on.

They will look different in the light of tomorrow.  

So right now. . . if it seems dark and scary.  Stick with your friends and your family.  Keep laughing.  Keep making eye contact.

And keep swimming.

If anyone can do this, you can.   

to more love,


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