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As the weekends approach, I usually have grandiose ideas of all the things I will accomplish with plenty of sleep and spare time.  I will return everything that needs to go back to the store.  I’ll do the grocery shopping.  I’ll organize my office and my closet.  I’ll finish staining the bannister on the stairs.   There’s no reason I can’t check those things off the list this weekend.

But I know better.

What will really happen is that I’ll spend every waking moment hanging around with these three.  We’ll wake up tomorrow and eat breakfast.   Then we’ll run off to morning soccer games, followed by lunch at Chick-Fil-A and afternoon football playoffs.  Then we’ll come home and all I’ll be able to think about is a nap.   So I’ll try to nap.

Then Scott and I will go on a date.

Sunday, we’ll go to church, followed by lunch.  When we get home, we’ll start to sort through the mess we made and never picked up yesterday.  We’ll wash dishes.  We’ll collect the mounds of laundry and begin the sorting and washing .  If I’m lucky, I might be able to get the boys to carry all their Legos, mini-catapults, freshly carved sticks and Pokemon cards upstairs.  We’ll eat dinner, play a family game or watch a family movie and be ready to call it a wrap.  Inevitably, my list of things I wanted to get done will still be waiting when my head hits the pillow Sunday night.

But when I think about the approaching years and the bigger plan I have for my life, I can rest.  

I can rest knowing that I’m leaning into my most important calling.  I’m accomplishing my most important goal.  I’m investing in what is most valuable to me.

These three.

If the whole world falls apart, but I still have these three, I’m right where I need to be.   So that’s how I’m going to approach my weekend, with the ideal of investing wholly into these three, whatever that turns out to look like.

How about you?

What are your plans for the weekend?  Consider lightening up on the pressure you put on yourself to accomplish it all this weekend.  Get some rest and give some extra space on your to-do list to the people who matter most to you.

That’s right where you need to be.  

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