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This night was the beginning of what was-to-be a season-long tradition to meet at Friday night football games this fall.  We talked and laughed, and didn’t really watch a lot of football.  The kids ran and played until they were red-faced and sweaty.  We were tired from our long, busy weeks, but this wasn’t more work.

It was rest.

I do a lot of life with these three women.   I trust any one of them to parent my kids and speak truth into my life.  They are so much fun, open, authentic and so wise.  They make it safe to be real and to be known.

Not easy, but it’s safe. . . and there is a difference.  

“We can choose to be perfect and admired or to be real and loved.  We must decide.  

If we choose to be perfect and admired, we must send our representatives out to live our lives.  

If we choose to be real and loved, we must send out our true, tender selves.  

That’s the only way.

Because to be loved, we have to be known.  

If we choose to introduce our true selves to anyone we will get hurt.  

But we will be hurt, either way.  

There is pain in hiding and pain outside of hiding.  The pain outside is better, because nothing hurts as bad as not being known.”

~ Glennon Melton, Love Warrior

There is certainly pain and hurt either way, because we are imperfect humans and we are all learning on the journey of relationship.  The pain we experience on the outside is better, yes.

Because it brings with it the great joy and rest of being known.  

I’m learning now, more than ever, how incredibly important it is to be surrounded by a tribe of wholehearted women who know me. . . I mean really know me, and choose to love me anyway.  Especially on the days I’m the most critical of myself.  On the days I feel like a terrible parent, wife, friend or business owner, they show up for me.  They love me, for real.  They tell me the truth.  

I can rest in that.

So can you.

Even today, a day full of costumes and representatives, send out your true, tender self to your tribe.  Our kids are watching us.  They are learning what community looks like.  They’re learning how to treat themselves and their friends later in life.

Let’s show them how it’s done.

to more love,


P.S.  If you’re local and looking for a tribe of wholehearted women to share life with, that’s what we’re creating at the GNO.  Come join us this Thursday to see how.

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