It might scare you at first, but it will free you

Crystal Sky Dive 2013

Back in 2013, my friend Carol was turning 70 and for her birthday, she wanted to go skydiving.  A few days before the dive, things got complicated.  Carol was still scheduled to dive, but she needed a friend to go with her.

You know I put my name in that hat. 

Carol picked me up on a beautiful Saturday morning and we headed out to the training center, in what seemed like the middle of nowhere.  We talked and laughed on the drive, catching up on life and our thoughts about the dive.  We were both excited for the experience, but neither of us fearful.

Sky Dive with Carol 2013

Until the first divers jumped out of the plane.  

Our little plane had a group of formation divers who were practicing that morning. . . and lucky them, they get to jump a lot lower than the rest of us newbies.  Eesh.  Watching them fling their bodies out of the side of that plane, took the breath out of me.  But obviously it was too late to chicken out.  I looked over at Carol and I could see that she felt it too.

Our hearts were racing because our time was coming. 

It was too loud to speak so I reached over and held her hand.  I knew we needed to be brave together.  But before I knew it I was watching Carol fling herself out of that gaping hole in the side of the plane and it was my turn next.   Let me just tell you right now, I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life.  But the moment we scooted to the edge of that cargo area, looking down on nothing but blue sky, I thought I’d officially lost my ever-loving mind.

I thought I was skydiving to support a friend, but in that moment, I had to be brave on my own.  


3-2-1 JUMP!  And we were falling.  I was TERRIFIED. . .  for about 5 seconds and then. . .  it was incredible.  It was exhilarating and peaceful all at the same time.  I was free!  We were flying fast and somehow, time stood still.  I knew it was a moment I would never regret.

“What we fear most is usually what we most need to do.”  ~ Timothy Ferriss

What do you fear most today?

Is it taking a leap with your career or in a relationship?

Is it letting go of something you know is holding you back?

Is it reaching out beyond your comfort zone to do something you believe you’re meant to do?  

Scoot to the edge.  Look down at the blue sky. . . and jump.

It might scare you at first.

But it will free you.

to more love,


P.S.  Little eyes are always watching.  If you choose to face your fears, they will too.

Boys watching sky dive 2013

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