The journey to wholeness

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This is my new friend Natalie and her darling family.  Natalie is a health & wellness coach here in the area.  If at any given moment, you check out her business Facebook page or even her personal page, you’re sure to find fun quotes, videos and articles full of inspiration to encourage you to keep going, to keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

At face value, that may seem surface.

But lean in, let me tell you something.  From all the women I’ve met and worked with, myself included, I have found one thing to be true, over and over again.  Our pain becomes our story.  The thing that hurt us the most, the struggle we didn’t know we’d survive, those are the fires that shape us.  If we choose it, they make us someone we never dreamed we could be.  And that person we fight hard to become?

She fights hard to bring others along.  

That has never been more true of someone than it is of Natalie Tuman.  Y’all.  Her story.  She’s fought through so much pain from rejection.  She bounced around between different cities and schools growing up.  Mean girls bullied her in such terrible ways.  But living with constant fear and insecurity has been the firey crucible that’s fueled her extraordinary passion to support, serve and love others in a way that might not even seem rational.

Natalie turned her lifelong battle with rejection into a soul-based business investing in helping others achieve their goals.  

Through MyThinkFit, she helps them realize their own potential to change not only their lives, but the lives of their families as well.  When she’s pushing her clients to make better choices in their eating, or for one more rep in her class at the gym, it’s the farthest thing from surface.  For her it’s life.  It’s rooted way down deep.

It’s wholeness.  

For Natalie, wholeness includes her faith, her family, her health, pouring into others and intentional personal development.  That’s quite a different story than a little girl getting bullied in the elementary school lunchroom.   Her passion for health, fitness, friendship and choosing happiness, runs so much deeper than an inspirational quote could ever capture.

That’s why I can’t wait for her to share her story with us at our next Girl’s Night Out!

Where has your pain become your story?  Are you fighting hard to bring others along?

Or are you still in the crucible, wondering if you will survive?

Keep fighting.

We need you to make it.  We need you to become the one who brings us along.  We need YOU.

You’ve got this.

to more love,


P.S.  At our January 5th GNO, Natalie is going to share how you can fit health & fitness into your life in 2017.  She’ll show you where to start.   She’ll encourage you in setting your priorities, to take care of yourself first, so everything else can fall in line.  

She’d love to answer your questions and encourage your heart.  I hope you’ll join us.  

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