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Operation Baby Bird Rescue ~ Crystal Gornto

It seems like every spring, we get to *attempt* to rescue some sort of creature.  

It’s usually a fledgling bird or two, but once it was an entire little family of duck babies that fell between the grate holes of the sewer drain.  Sometimes we’re successful and sometimes we’re left heartbroken.  Sometimes the fire departments joins us 😉 and other times we can hack it on our own.  Often, these rescue operations require a trip over to the wildlife rescue lady’s house, but that’s an hour and a half round trip drive, so I google everything I can to avoid that scenario.

Of course, it’s appropriate that after we’ve spent the day celebrating Easter we would need to rescue some poor helpless soul.

I was in my jammies, doing dishes while Scott and the boys went to the neighborhood pool.  I’d been texting Scott about getting them home so we could feed them and get them to bed, when they burst in the door, all talking loud and fast, over each other.

Slow down, slow down. . . what?!?  

A baby bird fell from its nest!  We need a ladder and fast! 

Wait, where?  How high is the nest?  (I needed more info for the rescue, of course)

We hopped in the car and rushed to the scene.  Just like they said, one baby fledgling was chirping in the grass below a tall tree.   The mama (& her whole posse of girlfriends!) were completely freaking out in the tree above.  Circling and darting at us, while chirping psychotically.  Unfortunately, the nest was about 20 feet up so I knew there was no hope of returning it to the nest.  A quick google search revealed the next best thing to do is to create a new nest, put the baby in, and hang it as close to the original nest as possible.

So that’s exactly what we did.  

(Pro-tip: Easter baskets make great bird’s nests!)

The boys were thrilled.  Mama bird calmed down.  And this mama knows it wasn’t a coincidence.  There are so many beautiful life lessons in this story, I could be here all day.   But I’ll just focus on one.

Mamas always need their girlfriends.  

Sometimes you’re the one who’s lost your baby and you need another mama to pick her up and bring her home. Sometimes you’re the friend helping defend the nest while mama is losing her mind and chirping psychotically.  Sometimes you’re the one who sees the lost baby and no matter what you had planned, you’ve gotta grab a ladder, don your gloves, and get to work.

All the time, we need each other.  

It takes a village. . . and the village is you.

to more Love,





  1. What a lovely story!! Kids look so happy and I’m sure the mama bird was thinking you are the angel family!

    1. Oh thank you Jasmine! Well, I sure hope so!

  2. Wow, what a story!

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