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I sent this picture in a text to Scott yesterday along with the caption: Oak’s day so far.  He’s having a good one.  Not sure where my brain was, except that Oakley and I have been talking for quite some time about him joining me in visiting the chiropractor.  He loves getting his back rubbed and “cracked”, so since they were out of school, we decided to make it happen.  In this moment, it didn’t occur to me that I hadn’t caught Scott up on that conversation.  I was just sending along a pic of our happy boy getting his initial intake x-rays.  His response?

What is going on???

I instantly became aware  of what I’d done and quickly replied with a few subsequent images of him getting his adjustment, letting Scott know that everything was totally fine.  I may have caused him a momentary spike in blood pressure, but thankfully we got that all cleared up.


Sometimes the context of a situation is the most important piece of information.  

It’s no coincidence that as we were getting ready for bed last night, Scott and I had a misunderstanding and I got my feelings hurt.  I got into bed a little teary.  Then he explained the context and it changed by understanding of the situation entirely.  I still had to deal with the emotions that came up for me around it and I still need to give him a big hug this morning.

But the information I was missing made all the difference.  

I wonder if there’s something going on in your world today that’s causing you to worry.  Are you angry at your spouse, or a friend, for something you haven’t talked through with them?  Maybe your feelings are hurt because you are sure you know exactly how they meant that comment or look, or lack thereof.

What if you’re missing some key information? 

What if your assumptions are completely wrong?  What if the context could change the situation from a possible emergency room chest x-ray, into a routine initial wellness intake with your favorite chiropractor?


Sure, it’s hard to show up and admit you’re feeling hurt.  It’s difficult to ask for clarity, because you risk finding out your fears were right.  But as my courageous friend Melissa reminds me, when I’m nursing a little vulnerability bruise . . .

It’s the only way to live.

We can do hard things, together.

to more Love,


P.S.  A little birdie told me the sought-after tickets for the May 4th, Bloom GNO floral workshop will be hitting the shelf soon!  So keep an eye out. . . space is limited this month for the first time ever.  Can’t wait to see you there!

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