Grace & Redemption

Water balloons for eggs

Oaks has been begging to bust out the Bunch O Balloons for a water balloon fight, for days.  So one evening, we decided to fill up a set and launch them at Scott and Noah in the car, as they came around the back fence to pull into the garage.  We pulled the water house around to the driveway, filled all the balloons, and took our perch behind the fence, waiting for just the right moment to hammer them.

Our plan worked perfectly!

We saw the faces of shock and awe through the windshield.  I don’t know what they’d been talking about on their drive, but it must have been a bit intense.  Because they were stunned.  Oakley and I were cracking up laughing as they exited the vehicle, but they really weren’t.  It made sense that it took them a minute to get acclimated to what just happened.

That happens to all of us every now and then. 

You’re just cruising along your normal route, not paying much attention to the rest of the world.  When suddenly, something unexpected happens. Something that demands your attention.  Something that jars you a little and leaves you feeling unsettled.   You know everything is going to be okay, but it still takes time to get back to steady state.

Give yourself a little grace. 

I don’t know what you’re going through today, but if you’re feeling unsteady, in the middle of something unexpected, give yourself some grace.  What you’re feeling is normal.  It’s the human experience.  And no matter how much you wish you were exempt, you’re not.

Be gentle with yourself and others this weekend.

We’re all walking a road most people around us don’t understand.

A lot like the path we remember at Easter. 

A road that leads to grace and redemption.

to more love,


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