The thing about sisters


My sister Michelle was in town from Orlando last night, so the timing was exactly right for a HeartStories GNO “Masteller sisters reunion”.  It turned out to be the perfect night for Scott to be our special guest as there was a lot of extra heckling from the crowd (well, from one table in particular).  😉 Since we’d decided to talk about love & marriage, I knew it was going to be open season during the Q & A, I just wasn’t expecting all the side-questions and commentary from the sister table throughout the night.

AND, it all turned out just exactly right. 

See, the thing about sisters (whether by birth or by choice) is, they know your story.  They’ve lived your history.  They bring rich context to every scenario that goes deeper and further.  They know you’re hot buttons and they know your joy.  They can see through the facade as if it wasn’t even there.

They get right down to the heart of the story, in no time flat. 

Last night was a vivid reminder of why I do what I do.  That’s exactly why I’m not giving up.  It’s why I work so hard to make deeper, more consistent connections between women.

We all need sisters in our lives who really know us.  

There are times being fully known isn’t fun.  There are times we’d rather pretend everything’s fine so we can just carry on with our day. But sisters don’t let sisters pretend.   That’s not where real life it.

That’s simply surviving.  

The best part?  When you do the hard, and sometimes uncomfortable, work of being vulnerable and allowing yourself to be fully known by women in your life, they become like a calm wind that guides you.  When they know where you’ve been and see exactly where you are, they can provide insight that no one else can.  And they know how to do it with care, because they love you and want the best for you.

Besides all that, sisters just make life a lot more fun.  

Go make you some.

to more love, and sisters!


P.S.  I know our Girl’s Night Out experience isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re out-of-town, but if you’re looking to make new sister friends, I highly recommend a program called Girlfriend Circles, led by my genius friend Shasta Nelson.  Her program specifically, connects and cultivates new meaningful friendships between women, both online and in person.  So if you need some support to get started, please check them out.   You need connection, it is worth the price. . . every time.

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