Remember the cuckoo’s nest


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At the start of every Girl’s Night Out, we engage in a bit of a passive ice-breaker.  I typically provide a question that goes along with the theme for the evening in some way.  You write the answer on your name tag, or in this case, your wine glass.

It provides instant conversation and laughter with friends and strangers alike.

Last Thursday we got some really good laughs out of those answers.  Since our theme for the evening was “Reel Love, How the Screenplay in Your Mind Influences Your Love Relationships”, our question for the night was, “If your love life was one of these movies, which title would it be?”   These were the options:


As you can imagine, the conversation got interesting, quick.  

What I didn’t expect was the number of women saying, “Wait. Do I write how my love life is today?  Or yesterday?  Or the last five years?  Or the first five?” 

It quickly became obvious that love, just like life, is a journey, for all of us.  

No matter where you are, the whole of your love life can’t be summed up in a single movie title.  Most likely it’s a conglomerate of little parts of all of them.   It usually starts out as a wonderful life, where a man loves a woman.  Then, often there’s a baby boom and it gets a little complicated and something’s gotta give.  That’s when sometimes, mama flies right over the cuckoo’s nest and it takes a brave heart for you to come back.  Once you’re back, you’re hunting for good will, with a new understanding that it takes the journey of the good, the bad, and the ugly to find your silver lining.

So the next time you see what appears to be a perfect love relationship from the outside, remember the journey.  

We’re all on it.  You might have just caught them at the opening scene.  Pause and catch the story you’re telling yourself about their relationship.

And remember the cuckoo’s nest.  

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