Prepare your heart, not just your house


Monday morning came quick didn’t it?  With all the get-togethers, festivities, meals, shopping and decorating, that five-day weekend went by in a flash.  I was determined to get our minimal Christmas decor in place and our tree selected before heading into this week.  Because I knew I wouldn’t make it a priority this week, and next weekend is already spoken for.

We did it.

Well, mostly.  We got the decor in place and purchased the tree.  We got it home, maybe just barely. . . on top of the soft top of the jeep, which is a story for another day.   We got it straight in the stand with water and that was it.  We had to call it quits to get the boys showered and in bed for school.  So dear Christmas Tree, we will meet again on Tuesday night for lights and ornaments.

In the middle of it all the chaos, there was a light of hope. 

I didn’t grow up celebrating Advent.  I didn’t even really understand what it was.  But as an adult, with Scott and through our church, I’ve learned to appreciate it more and more.  The way celebrating Advent helps us prepare our hearts for Christmas has become something I look forward to.

We lit the first candle together last night.

While rushing to get it all done on a deadline, I pulled the Advent Wreath from one of the bins.  With great excitement, we retrieved the candles and the lighter.  And then, right there in the middle of the chaos of boxes, bins, nesting dolls and wreaths, we took a moment as a family to read the passage about hope.  We lit the candle of Hope together.  (I even think Bing Crosby was singing about chestnuts in the background.  lol.) 

There was a sense of peace in that moment.

We discovered that even amid the Santas and garland, we could choose to prepare our hearts and focus our minds, on the reason we celebrate this season.  As I saw my family there with that flickering flame as the backdrop, it brought the hope we sought.  It reminded me, even just for that moment, that everything that really matters was standing at the table with me.   It was a bright reminder that even in the middle of a broken, hurting world, there is hope for what is to come.

It brought me one step closer to the woman I want to be during the holiday season.

So even if you don’t celebrate Advent, I encourage you to find a way to prepare your heart for the season you are in.  You’re closing the chapter on this year.  You’re gathering with family and friends.  You’re looking ahead to what is to come.

Prepare more than your parties, your presents and your home.  

Give yourself some space to prepare your heart, not just your house.

That kind of preparation changes everything.

to more Love,


P.S. Girl’s Night is this Thursday and the theme is “Holiday Ready”, we’re sharing tips on how to get ready for parties and photos, but most importantly we’ll focus on preparing your heart.  Come join us if you can.

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