The secret of invincible summer


In case you’re just picking up the blog today, Scott and I spent the weekend in San Diego.  (Have I mentioned we love Rubio’s Fish Tacos?!) We’d go to San Diego just for those! It was definitely ‘winter’ at the beach.  It poured seemingly never-ending buckets of rain, every day.  The wind was cold and the waves were huge.

And then one night, the sea was foamy, like a giant, cold bubble bath.    

“Spume” as they call it covered the beach as far as we could see, in both directions.  Apparently, it happens after big storms, when wind or waves stir the ocean, like an enormous vat of sea bubbles.   Kids and adults alike were playing in the bubbles as if it was all created just for fun in gargantuan ocean theme park adventure.  But, as I learned quickly, the presence of spume is actually an indicator of a larger problem.

beach-erosionWe were astonished to wake up the next morning to find only these large rocks left on the beach. 

The bubbles had washed away, into the ocean, apparently taking the sand with them.  It appeared that overnight, the white sand beach had completely vanished.  Only a few locals and tourists where out early, examining what was left of it.

But while we were packing up to leave, the morning runners appeared.

Eventually, the sun pushed through the clouds again.  Runners, walkers, and bikers filled the boardwalk.  Some even jumped across the rocks on ‘the beach’, almost as if nothing was different at all.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was like didn’t even notice that their beautiful beach was gone.

They knew the secret.

They’ve lived through the depths of winter before.  They know the bright San Diego sun.  They understand the power of the ocean.  They know the secret of the invincible summer.

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was, in me, an invincible summer.” ~ Albert Camus

It’s only in the depth of winter that you can truly learn that there is, in you, an invincible summer.

If you’re in the depth of winter today, hold on sister.

Dig deep.

That’s where you find your invincible summer.

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