Wanna go for a joy ride?


Beachside bikes, vegan ‘hamburgers’, vintage furniture shopping and skate parks filled our weekend. You’d think we were hippies! But really, it was just a little side jaunt vacation.

This was clearly not our rental car.

Nope. We were in the neon-navy ford.  It’s just that I saw this van in the parking lot at the skate park and couldn’t help but make it a memory.  These young guys were happy as could be inside that groovy van.  They were all smiles as they played guitar from a mattress in the back.  They had sunshine, skate boards and a state park restroom.  Life was good, dude.

What more could they possibly need?!

Am I saying we should sell our stuff, buy a van, and peace pipe, and hit the road together?  Hardly.  But I am saying it’s about perspective.  It’s about living a life that feels joyful.  You never know . . .these guys could be C-Level execs during the week and this van is just their weekend joy ride.  Maybe they come to the skate part to fill their emotional joy tanks.

Probably a little far-fetched, but interesting to think about.

I know that for Scott and me, a weekend away infuses our marriage with joy and connection that’s harder to come by in our daily grind.  The same is true for individual time spent away with my boys.  It’s totally true of a night with my girlfriends.  It’s undoubtedly true of a summer trip with my family.

Laughter, community and deep connection are like water to my weary soul.  

Yet those are things that don’t come easily to this mama. I have to create space for them.  I have to plan for them.  I have to commit to bringing more of those things into my life.

And when I do. . . it’s absolutely worth it.  

What if you had a plan for a weekend joy ride?  What if you knew what lit you up and did whatever it took to bring more of that into your life?  Monday would still come, but you would feel lighter, stronger and ready to lean in.  You’d find more joy in the everyday.

And the everyday is where your legacy is.  

Wanna go for a joy ride?

It’s totally up to you, dude.

to more love,


P.S.  Girl’s Night Out is like a little joy ride in the middle of your week.  Click right here to find out more about our next one, where Scott & I will be sharing about “Reel Love”.  There will be laughter.  Promise.  😉

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