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Does anyone else feel like it takes DAYS on end to wash, fold and put away family laundry?  I mean like when you finally finish, the laundry basket is magically full again?

That’s how it goes around here.

For what seems like years, I’ve been working with the boys on turning everything right side out before they put it in the basket.  I’ve taught them to shake off the dirt, grass, and bugs or whatever else might still be attached.  I remind them to empty the pockets. . . you know, all the usual steps.

But like many things in parenting, sometimes it feels like a lost cause. 

Yesterday I was feeling especially tired, and a bit overwhelmed with life in general while doing the laundry for the second day in a row.  As I was hanging and folding the final load, it suddenly occurred to me, that one of the boys had done everything exactly the way I’ve taught him.  Every shirt, sock, and pant leg was neatly turned right side out.

I bawled like a baby.

What?!  I know that seems like a bit of a dramatic response.  And it was.  I just couldn’t help but feel especially loved and cared for by his thoughtfulness that made my life easier.  It instantly brought to mind how mature he’s getting. . . how he’s only got a few years left at home. . . how he’s going to be off and married before I know it. . .

An enormous response for some easy laundry, I know. 

But, I was paying attention.  I thought about the fact that I spend the majority of my time with him, teaching him how to do things, without the gratitude and attention he deserves when he does those things well.  And for once, I seized that moment.  Through my tears, I grabbed a notecard and wrote him a little note to tell him how grateful I was for his attention to the details.   I gave it to his pet sloth to pass along to him later.

Here’s the deal.

It’s been a crazy week.  I’ve had several conversations with friends who are dealing with a lot of stuff.  I mean A LOT of stuff.  Certainly it’s this season of life, but it feels like it’s more than the usual “busy”.  There’s a weightiness to everything that feels a little out-of-place.   We’ve all been on the verge of tears.

Not over one giant thing, but over all the little things adding up to what feels like too much.  

Maybe it’s the inauguration.  Maybe it’s the women’s march.  Maybe we’re tired of feeling conflicted about having to take such a black or white stand on every. single. issue. surrounding politics.  Maybe the moon is out of line.

Maybe life is just hard.  

Whatever it is.  I know this for sure:

“Your greatest challenge, is when you are to bless someone else while you are going through your own storms.” ~ unknown

After I wrote that little note of gratitude to Noah, my day got a little lighter.  My heart felt a little more joy.  My focus shifted off of me and all my “woes” to loving my baby with all my heart.

Maybe you need to hear that today.  

If you’re feeling exhausted, hurt or teary, if you’re in the middle of your own storm. . . take a little time out to bless someone else today.  Send a text, a letter and even a phone call.  Take coffee or lunch.  Whatever feels right.

Just get outside yourself long enough to care for someone else.

You’ll both find a little slice of joy in the connection. 

to more love,



  1. I’m so thankful for you Crystal and what you’re allowing God to teach you !

  2. A wise reminder….

    1. One for all of us. I’ll probably need to hear it again tomorrow! 😉

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