The power of gathering

As I’ve been preparing for tonight’s Girls Night Out about Thoughtful Gatherings, my mind keeps circling back to the idea of the immeasurable power of women gathering together.   The focus of the tonight is more about our gatherings over the holidays and how to cultivate gratitude there.  But my heart can only see the magic of how beautiful and special it is that we have this space to come together, with our sister friends, to share stories, ask questions and fuel up for the journey ahead.

It’s like the green room for holiday gatherings. 

Just like the green room is the space reserved for the performer or speaker to center and prepare, with only safe people, before their moment on stage, tonight’s GNO is a space to prepare and plan for what’s next.  It’s also a space to rest with what is, today.  It’s a space to find out you’re not alone, you have sisters all around you.  It’s a space to prepare your heart and your mind for the fast-paced journey of the holiday season in a safe, slow environment with trusted, safe friends.

It’s the way all of life is meant to be lived.

Technology has changed us in good and bad ways, but certainly, it’s kept us from gathering, eyeball to eyeball with our village, and our neighbors, the way that we are designed to.  Our screens aren’t meeting our souls needs to share joy, our arms to be hugged and our hearts to be seen.  They connect us, no doubt.  But the belly laugh from a status update is quite different from the knee slapping belly laugh of a friend in the chair next to you.

Our hearts long to gather together. 

“A circle of women may be one of the most powerful forces known to humanity.  If you have one, embrace it.  If you need one, seek it.  If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, DIVE IN.  HOLD ON.  LOVE IT UP.   Get naked.  Let them see you.  Let them hold you.  Let your reluctant tears fall.  Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle.  You will be changed.  The very fabric of your being will be altered by this, if you allow it.  Please, please allow it. ” ~ Jeanette Leblanc

Even if you can’t possibly join us tonight, please let this be the reason you send an invitation for a gathering of your own.

Gather with your sisters, just to connect, rest, and fuel up for the journey ahead.

There’s power in the gathering. 

to more love,


P.S.  If you’re local, just get your ticket girl.  You need this.  Don’t let it pass.

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