Free to be you

We recently took family photos and since getting kids to pose for pictures is still not much fun, we decided to do a little less of that this year.  Instead, we let them climb around and explore a little. Don’t get me wrong, even capturing candid shots is a struggle when boys are constantly disappearing into the woods and needing to be lured out.

But somehow we managed. 

When it came time to grab some individual shots, they were less than thrilled, because they felt like they needed to pose.  There was this moment when Oaks was having a tough time smiling.  I mean, he was smiling, but it looked so forced.  So I said, “Hey Oaks, just be you.  Do whatever makes you feel the most you sitting up there.  You’re totally free to be you.”  

And this image is what we got.  

Bingo!  THIS is the way he celebrates.  A game won.  A long-awaited package arriving on the porch.  A bowl of his favorite ice-cream.  Getting 100% on a test.  A friend coming over to play.

When Oakley is being fully himself, make way for the party! 

What about you?  What would it look like if you felt totally free to be you?  Even just for one moment in time.  If you felt no inhibitions, no shame, no expectations, no audience making judgements, no responsibility to anyone but yourself, what pose would you strike?

Can you even imagine it?

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to even conjure up that girl these days.  And carving out the time with the intention it takes is a whole other story in itself.  With all the responsibilities, the pace in which we live, the weight of caring for a family that often feels so heavy, it’s easy to let whole weeks go by without giving myself a single moment of permission to be free to be me.

I’m guessing you fee a bit of that too. 

As we celebrate this baby boy hitting the double digits today, will you celebrate with us?  I challenge you to take one minute – sixty seconds – to close your eyes and embrace what it feels like to be totally free to be you.

Do it right now.  

What does it look like when you’re fully embracing your very favorite version of yourself?

Sit with that for a minute.  

Then, take her with you today.  Carry her a little closer in your heart and mind.  Then call on her tomorrow again.  Bring her to mind as often as you can.

Because, you know, you really are free to be you.

to more love,



Photo cred: Josie Marie Photo

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