“Remember Me” moments

Last week was a complete whirlwind.  In fact, I wish I had a picture of myself from Saturday evening to share with you today.  I was literally laying on the kitchen floor, while hanging out with the family before dinner.  I wasn’t being dramatic, that’s truly not my gig.  I was just laying there because my whole body was aching, but I still wanted to be present with the fam.  They thought it was strange, of course.

But to me, laughable as it was, it was the only way through.  

Even in the middle of the craziest weeks though, there are moments to remember.   There are moments worth soaking in and relishing.  Moments worth holding on to.  Moments worth intentionally filing with a sparkly tab that says, “Remember me!”

They make the rest of it worth it. 

They are the reason we struggle.  They are often only discovered as a result of the struggle.  They make the joy so much more full because we know the journey that led us there.

The moment in this picture is one of those. 

In this image, Landon captured Chelsey Arnal sharing the story that led her to create Bucket Lists and Thoughtful Traditions boxes.  It’s a beautiful story of inspiration through, trial and trust, pain and struggle.  But most of all, it’s a story of hope and perseverance.  She shared about the ups and downs.  She told of the plans and dreams interrupted by unexpected circumstances that led her to be more intentional and more grateful.  What happened when Chelsey shared her story with the women at those tables was a beautiful, real life, “me too” moment, all its own.  Chesley’s story wasn’t one of abuse, but rather a real life journey through unexpected heartache that led her to treasure each moment as the gift it is and share that treasure with others along the way.

When one person has the courage to stand up and share their story, it changes the story for everyone, for generations.

That is what happened on Thursday night at the Thoughtful Gatherings GNO.  Chelsey’s courage and passion inspired women to put more thought, intention and meaning into the way they approach their holidays this year.   As a result, their families will share “Remember me!” moments all through the years.   And that, makes the rest of it all worth it.

So no matter how crazy life seems to be, keep looking for, and intentionally creating the “Remember Me” moments

You’ll look back and realize it was worth it.  

to more love,


photo cred: Landon Schneider Photography

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