The hottest scarf tips for spring


Clearly, I was born to be a fashion blogger.  This is such a hot look for spring, you haven’t seen it anywhere else.

Don’t forget, you saw it here first. 

Last night when I got the mail, I had an unusual package.  It was a thin, but firm and large brown paper envelope.  I was intrigued by the packaging so I  dropped everything else on the counter to check it out.  To my delight, it was from my friend Alison, at Get Your Pretty On.  Last week when she launched her first product line of these gorgeous American-made scarves, I was first in line to get one, because last month at GNO, she let the cat out of the bag.  She tempted us with their beauty and told us they were coming.

She also taught us to style them.

Naturally, instead of tearing straight into the package, I decided this was the night I should go live on Instagram for the very first time.  Of course!  I recruited Scott to film, gathered my scissors and my courage and he hit record.  I proclaimed my love for Alison and excitement for these fabulous scarves and cut right into the package.  I read the card, which explained her program to support a woman watercolor artist in New York and the Genesis Women’s Shelter, here in Dallas.   And then, with much excitement, I unfolded the tissue paper. . .

Oohs and Ahhs abounded.  

Y’all, it’s seriously gorgeous!  I was so excited to try all the tips Alison taught us during the Girls Night Out, I instinctively threw that beauty up around my face like so.  The look on Scott’s face told me clearly, this was NOT a hot spring trend.  To which, I might have snort-laughed before proceeding to show the actual trends she has taught us.   Thankfully, since I wasn’t holding the camera, I couldn’t see the flying emojis and responses coming in during my broadcast.   All in all, I’d say it was a pretty successful premier on Instagram Live.  Except, neither of us knew how to save it to the camera roll.

So as soon as the fun was over, the video was lost to the dark abyss of the interwebs.

My pro tips for you today:

  1.  Don’t try this bandit look at home.  You should probably leave it to the pros, like me.
  2. Get yourself a GYPO scarf for spring.  They are stunning and support a beautiful cause.
  3. Tune in when we go live on Facebook this afternoon to meet Alison, learn a little more about these scarves and her story, plus we’ll be doing some giveaways too! ( * bonus* you’ll probably get a snort laugh in while you’re with us).

Most of all, do life with your friends.

Support their businesses.  Show up for the tough moments.  Cheer on their dreams.

There’s nothing better in this life than celebrating the people you love. 

Find a friend to celebrate today.

to more love,


P.S. A little note here to add that this is not a paid promotion, no affiliate links here.  (Although you know when she sees my enormous talent for fashion blogging,  she’s going to be ALL over that. ) 

P.S.S.  Alison will have all new style tips for April at our GNO this Thursday night.  Get your ticket here.

GNO Tickets!


  1. Where is this event going to be held in Frisco?

    1. Hi Candace! It’s in the event space at the Crest Infiniti dealership on 121 near Legacy. Details here: HeartStories.com/GNO

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