You don’t have to listen

Chesley Mae Jewelry Designs sponsors HeartStories GNO with Crystal Gornto

When I set out to create the Girls Night Out event series for HeartStories, I had you in mind.  I literally sat down with a pencil and a notebook, sketching out thoughts about your life.  I wrote things like confident, kind, busy, sometimes overwhelmed, craving more joy, purpose, and connection, determined to put one foot in front of the other, to do the next right thing.  I knew I wanted to serve busy women in a way that felt fun and easy, while nourishing your deeper longings.  I had no idea how it would go.

It certainly hasn’t been easy.  

There have been so many surprises along the way.  Not much has gone as planned and almost everything has been more difficult than I imagined.  But this month marks the one year anniversary of the very first HeartStories GNO, and it’s been beautiful.  As I look back over the year I see the faces of so many women, I never knew before.  Women I certainly never knew I’d be able to connect and serve and I’m so grateful.

Connecting with these women has been the best surprise by far.

Chesley House is one of them.  Chesley Mae Designs is our newest sponsor of the GNO.  She came to us by way of an introduction from Alison and is a simply lovely human being.  Chesley is a go-getter with a heart of pure gold.  She has a full-time career while pursuing her dreams and passions by creating the most gorgeous jewelry designs on the side.  She sells them online through her Facebook group while encouraging and connecting women all along the way.  If you asked her, she’d tell you she’s an introvert.  But her beautiful face and her kind spirit absolutely light up any room.

Her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are a bright reflection of her joy. 

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They are a small, but tangible glimpse of the beauty one woman can create when she finds the place her passion meets her experience, talent, and her drive.   My dream for HeartStories is to see little glimpses of the beauty, each of you can create, showing up in every corner of the world.

I know you’re busy.

I know it seems like now isn’t the time.  I know there’s a big, giant list of reasons why today isn’t the day.  Why you aren’t the one.  And on and on and on. . . Those stories will always be playing on repeat if you let them.

But you don’t have to listen.  

You can choose to replace those stories with stories of love.  You can choose to do one small thing today, to move in the direction of your heart story.   Journal about your passions.

What do you love to do?  

Who would you love to serve?

How could that look for you?

We need you.  

And we’re waiting. . . on the one thing, only you, can do.

Start today.

to more love,


P.S.  Get your ticket right here and come meet Chesley and shop her designs in person, this Thursday at GNO ~ where it’s fun & easy and will nourish your soul all at the same time.

See you there!

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