The Goal of Group Work

Group work has always been difficult for me. I’m the kind of gal who likes to do everything herself so she can have complete control (I’m an enneagram one, in case anyone is surprised).

But recently I felt the calling to join forces with a group of three women who wanted to start a non-profit for special needs families. And somehow, over the past few months of working so closely and collaboratively together, everything within me has changed.

A few months ago, we escaped to the woods to plan our vision. We laughed, cried, drank wine, wrote down goals, and prayed to see them exceeded.

And during our time together, I realized why I said yes to this:

Because being a part of a community saves me, every single time.

It’s easy to be a loner, but I don’t want to do life alone. I need to break free from the computer screen. I need women around me who understand, who empathize. Who have the same trials and triumphs and goals.

How do you make people feel less alone? You put them together.

It’s not a copyrighted business plan…but it’s a blessed one.

Amazing things happen when you get in a room with women who can relate.

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