The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I took myself to lunch for Mother’s Day (don’t feel bad for me, dining alone is my favorite pastime), and seated next to me was a family of four.

They were pondering which appetizer to order and the mother kept asking her children, “What do you guys want? You pick!”

If this isn’t the epitome of a mother, I don’t know what is.

Mothers are sacrificial and serving. They often go with less so others can have more. They will take the last drip from their empty cup and give it to their loved ones without a second thought. Even on this coveted, holy holiday, I bet most moms still manned the ship in some way for their family.

I sat there alone thinking to myself—am I selfish? Even though I’ll spend the second half of this day with my family, here I am at brunch by myself, choosing whichever food I want. Coming off sleeping in at my solo hotel room.

And the answer I came to is, yes. Yes, I have some selfishness in my bones.

But I don’t believe that’s a bad thing.

I spent so many years giving every inch of myself away, to the point of pure exhaustion, that I’ve learned when to say, “I need some time away.”

We can’t keep pouring from empty cups. We need to refill.

Mamas, my wish for you on all days is that you chose exactly what you want and need for yourself—and that you do so without guilt.

I pray you are supported by a spouse who lets you feel both held and free.

I hope you know that by choosing what feeds you, you’re not selfish in the way the world wants you to believe—

You’re simply modeling what a full and complete life looks like for a mother.

To More Love,


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