The Sister Whom Your Soul Loves

My best friend and I are so close we consider ourselves sisters. You know, the kind chosen by bond not by blood. We’ve loved each other for decades now, and a few weeks ago, we got to see that love shared between our own daughters.

Campbell and Vera haven’t spent time together in over two years. Their last memories of each other are faint, and I wasn’t sure how Campbell, with her social delays and autism, would fair.

Would she interact and engage—or would she quietly retreat?

Needless to say, it was an instantaneous connection. Something I could try to explain, but instead, I’ll just share this:

When Vera left, Campbell excused herself upstairs. When she returned, she was holding a basket full of all her most coveted belongings, including some of her new birthday presents.

She asked me to mail it all to Georgia.

Not everyone will understand you or your child. There will be friends who drift into your life for awhile, then leave. There will be those who you love fiercely, but they fall short on returning that love. There will be ages and stages where it seems like you’re out on an island alone.

But then, you’ll find someone who understands you and it all makes sense.

Friendship flows easily when you find the sister whom your soul loves.

To More Love,


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