The gifts of her journey

Friendship ~ Crystal Gornto | Heartstories GNO (photo by Meggie Taylor)

Last night I got the fabulous images of the March GNO back from Meggie Taylor.  Let me first just say, that girl is so talented.  She knows how to capture the emotion of a moment like no other.   Serious props to her.

This is one of my favorites.

If you don’t know the story, it’s just two girls hugging.  But if you know the story, there’s so much more here.  These are two besties who probably see each other relatively often.  So it’s not a reunion photo.

But can you see the intention in that hug? 

That’s my friend Karris.  She’s finishing her post-chemo, post-reconstruction, radiation treatments in TWO days!  She’s crossing the finish line of a race she never expected to run.  (CELEBRATION!!!)  She’s been courageous.  She’s been so strong.

She finally has hair!!

But she’s grown so much more than hair.  She’s traveled the road that leads near the edge of the cliff.  She’s faced off with her own humanity and seen, so closely, the humanity in others.  She’s grappled with big questions and redistributed the weight of her priorities.   She’s wiser and more grateful than she once was.  She’s more at peace.

That embrace is a treasured moment between two sister friends who know the value of each other’s presence.

Two friends who are now beginning a new journey together that the old Karris may have never taken.  But the new Karris sees the world differently.  It’s one of the gifts of her journey.

Life’s journey changes us. 

The years give perspective and context to our once tightly held beliefs.  They challenge the things we always assumed where the truth.  Most of all the years give us wisdom to choose the path we’ll take next.

And who we’ll take it with.

There’s not much better than the joy that finds you, when you open your eyes to see your sisters standing on the path ahead, ready to walk with you, hand in hand.

Be that kind of sister today. 

Embrace with the passion that knows the edge of the cliff could be just around the corner.

We need each other more than we think.  

to more love,



  1. Just the message I needed this morning. Thanks,

    1. So glad Glenna! What a privilege it is. ❤️

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